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“Adam is a great PT! Very supportive, motivating and encouraging. I’m trying to lose a lot of weight, I’m doing the Cambridge Diet which most people have a lot to say about, what an awful diet it is blah blah but Adam isn’t judgey at all, he’s all about what works for the client in front of him, so he supported me through the process. I’ve lost 7.5 stone now, 3.5 of that whilst I’ve been working with Adam. My strength and energy levels have increased loads in my time with Adam and I always feel great after a PT session. I need these sessions for a bit of me time away from my 2 young kids & to get out the house!”
1-1 Personal Training
“Adam is a fantastic PT who quickly understands your goals and maps out a programme to suit the individual taking into account the level of fitness they arrive to him with. I have trained with Adam for 2 years now with the aim of improving and maintaining fitness, improving posture and losing weight. I have seen significant improvement in all areas and am now completing exercises that I thought were way beyond my capability. I have joined a few gyms over the years and to be honest always dreaded going and usually after a few months of going gave up. Adam has helped me not only to stick to attending the gym at least twice a week, but I actually look forward to going and now really enjoy training, especially the sessions with Adam. Adam is very approachable and encouraging both in the gym and between sessions without being prescriptive. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve fitness and wellbeing”
1-1 Personal Training
“Hi, my name’s Steph and I’ve been working with Adam for 9 months now. I struggled with motivation during the third COVID lockdown so once we were allowed to do outdoor training again I decided to join Adam’s Small Group Training as well as carrying on with 1-1 training. The group sessions have helped give my fitness routine structure and accountability and have motivated me to work on achieving my goals again. The team are great, we have a good laugh, whilst Adam tries to kill us! We do paired work & team work but the exercises are personalized to our individual needs/goals. Overall I really enjoy the sessions and highly recommend Adam’s SGT 👍🏼😊”
Small Group Training

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